Located in the centre of 欧洲, the three 比荷卢经济联盟 countries Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg make up 明升ms88备用网站’s third largest trading market. 作为欧盟和北约的核心, 比荷卢经济联盟 is a highly relevant market in terms of security, 政治, 以及商业, and the collective GDP is one of the largest in 欧洲. 


一个中央贸易和物流枢纽, 比荷卢经济联盟 is home to some of 欧洲’s most vital ports, 机场, 和公路网络. 增加有竞争力的企业税率, 一个受过高等教育的, multilingual workforce and a high living standard, 这里的环境有利于发展,鼓励国际企业在当地设立办事处或子公司. 在R的大量投资&D和技术是创业公司和跨国公司的驱动力.


这是一个持续的快速发展和转型,重点是技术, 创新, 以及可持续性——在所有这些领域,明升ms88备用网站公司都可以增加巨大的价值,但也将面临激烈的竞争. The 比荷卢经济联盟 region and 明升ms88备用网站 have similar business climate, but there are also distinct differences between the markets. Consumers in the Netherlands are known as pragmatic and early adopters, while Belgian consumers are more traditional. 然而, if consumers in the 比荷卢经济联盟 region are willing to buy your products, chances are higher for success in other 欧洲an markets. 然而作为我们的贸易 & Invest commissioner 托马斯Korseman explains below, it is wise not to underestimate the differences that do exist.


我们在海牙的办公室, 自20世纪70年代中期以来,明升ms88备用网站已经出现在比荷卢地区,并处于有利位置,以帮助明升ms88备用网站公司从战略建议和市场洞察到实际支持的一切. 感谢我们在公共和私人机构的广泛网络, you can count on us to kickstart your activities in this region.

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贸易 & 荷兰投资专员
What are the main advantages for expansion in 比荷卢经济联盟?

这些国家在地理上非常密集,在一个非常集中的地区有大量的客户基础. 荷兰的任仕达地区和比利时的佛兰芒钻石占全国人口和消费量的50%. Thanks to 欧洲's two largest ports (Rotterdam and Antwerp), one of the continent's largest 机场, 道路网络发达, the region is also 欧洲's logistics hub. 因此,许多公司选择在比荷卢建立他们的生产或仓库设施. 总的来说,市场具有很高的技术成熟度,有许多成熟的买家. Consumers in the region are known for being open to new solutions.

What are the risks and challenges companies face in 比荷卢经济联盟?

The region has very high competition and general business maturity. The image of 明升ms88备用网站 is often linked to 创新 and high quality. 不过,由于国内有很多强大的企业,这种形象的影响相当有限. 除了, 该地区对价格非常敏感,这可能会影响到提供更昂贵解决方案的明升ms88备用网站公司. 

Are there any cultural aspects to consider?

整体, the culture might seem similar to the one in 明升ms88备用网站, 但文化和语言上的差异也不容小觑. With its long experience in international trade, 比荷卢地区以对商业、新产品和新解决方案的开放而闻名. 商业人士通常是可靠的,但总是试图从一笔交易中得到最多. Business culture moves very quickly. 协商一致意见作为一种决定形式在比荷卢地区没有得到同样程度的应用,而且有一个更快的决策过程.

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